We are pleased to announce that Barbara's Kitchen School of Excellence is in the process of undertaking an organic gardening initiative called

"Healthy Eating and Living Program." (HELP)

The Mission of HELPis to integrate an edible organic garden program into the academic structure of our school as a supplemental tool for teaching required curriculum and subsequently improving the health of students, their families and the community at large.   

The goals are:

1) for students to gain knowledge of the benefits of producing food through an organic growing process;
2) for students to learn how to grow, harvest and prepare organic grown fresh fruits and vegetables;
3) to promote an increase in consumption of organically grown fruits and vegetables; and

4) share organically grown fruits and vegetables harvested from the garden.

Objectives for goal 1: provide instruction through a customized curriculum that will increase the student’s overall knowledge of gardening and the health benefits of organically grown food.

Objectives for goal 2:
Provide hands on interactive activities for students to participate in the growing, harvesting and preparation of organically grown vegetables and fruits.

Objectives for goal 3:
Provide hands on interactive activities for students to prepare and consume the vegetables and fruits from their garden.

Objective for goal 4:
  Grow enough food to be able to serve it in the cafeteria, share it with community families, feed the homeless, and host fundraising events.

The Healthy Eating and Living Program will incorporate: 

Science topicsincluding plant life cycles and structure; soil structure and function; ecosystems; weather and adaptations; soil enrichment; and experimental design.

English Language Arts and Literacyincluding keeping a garden journal; writing a garden article; acting out a story; designing their own story; communication.

Math including numbers and operations; calculations and comparisons; measurements; charts, graphs, and reports; data analysis; probability and problem solving.

History and Social Studies including introduction of different crop eras; exploration of historical food events; history and cultural aspects of gardening; pursuit of botanical biographies; plant species history.

The location of the garden is directly behind Barbara’s Kitchen School of Excellence, which is perfect for student daily activity and delivery of fresh produce to the Cafeteria. A 3,600 sq. ft. area has been designated for the garden.