BKSE actively supports the Marion County School System in planning to assure students reach their full potential.  BKSE partners with schools, family, and community in responding to the needs of students, so students can meet their individual goals for academic success.

Overview of Services
BKSE promotes and supports the educational process by planning to meeting the needs of students and their families. BKSE assess needs, provide professional services and make referrals to community resources to overcome barriers and enable students to achieve educational success/academic performance. 

BKSE provides services to students in schools, homes, and our community.

BKSEstaff act as a liaison between school personnel and families and visit students’ homes, to work with their families. 

BKSEnetworks with many community agencies to obtain services for students.
BKSEis knowledgeable about community agencies and may link families to various community agencies including: public/private health care and mental health care providers, non profit social and economic agencies, civic organizations, the Department of Children and Families, runaway shelters, law enforcement, and the court system.
BKSE also intervene when attendance/truancy issues develop and assist with crisis counseling when the need arises. They also play an important role in obtaining information from the family in completing exceptional student education assessments.